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Individuals and Families

Financial Planning Services

AAFCPAs Wealth Management provides high-net-worth individuals and their families with personal financial planning, money management, succession planning, tax planning & compliance, estate planning, and asset protection.  Our solutions are designed to assist you in reaching your short and long-term personal financial goals, while controlling risks and optimizing after-tax results.

AAFCPAs Wealth Management was formed in 2001 based on some unmet client needs for independent, honest financial advice for individuals.  Our CFP®-based, personal financial planning approach provides for a holistic, tax-efficient, and intelligent portfolio design.  Our comprehensive, tax-centric solutions help you retain more of what you earn, meet financial goals, improve liquidity and increase your net-worth.

We provide personal attention and guide our clients toward achieving their goals through informed, objective decisions. We take the time to fully assess your personal situation and assemble the most appropriate mix of team members, financial solutions and tools to help you pursue your unique financial planning goals. Our focus is to educate and enlighten you so that you are fully empowered to make the best decisions. Although the decisions are yours to make, we are there for you every step of the way, providing you with perspective and clarity to help you set and achieve your financial planning goals.

Our mission is to provide valuable peace of mind to those who share the awesome responsibility to manage wealth.